From Junk to Treasure: Get Cash For Junk Cars From Apex Towing & Transport in Lower Chichester , PA


Richard Pierce

Owner & Operator

People assume I continued the business because it’s what I grew up around since towing is a family business. But that’s only half true. If my family hadn’t been doing this for decades, I wouldn’t understand just how fulfilling it is to help those in need. As a kid, I had the opportunity to change the course of people’s lives by lending a helping hand when they needed it most and I knew from that moment I’d always be in a place where I could do that.

Looking To Get Cash For Junk Cars? We Can Help!

Vehicles in disrepair are more than just an eyesore in your yard, waiting to decay. Reliable professionals will buy your junk car for cash, providing hassle-free solutions.

There is no need to go further when excellent service providers are all right at your fingertips! We pay the most money for scrap my car services since that’s what our name implies. 

To ensure that you get the best price possible, our professionals have extensive expertise in inspecting the condition of your vehicles in Delaware County. We can remove your junk automobile safely and securely for cash for cars using high-quality equipment and trained workers.

People looking for a junk vehicle removal service near me will discover us at the top of their search results since we have a lot of expertise and offer top dollars.

The experts at Apex Towing & Transport are there to assist you in any way we can with any of the junk automobile removal services if you need us.

1) Quick & Easy Disposal Of Junk Cars

Suppose you are sick of your junk cars in Delaware County and want to get rid of them quickly. In that case, Apex Towing & Transport is a professional junk car removal company known for its fast and quick services in Lower Chichester, PA. 

If you are sick of your junk car in Delaware County, you can rely on us to promptly remove trash vehicles from your property.

2) Removal Of Wrecked Vehicles

Unfortunately, your automobile was involved in an accident and is now completely useless? You should not leave it in your yard as a symbol of the unfortunate events; instead, you should make room for a new vehicle. 

For hassle-free cash for car removal in Lower Chichester, PA, on your part make an appointment with the experts’ junk car buyers of Apex Towing & Transport.

3) Tow The Old Junker

The light and medium-duty tow trucks we use at Apex Towing & Transport can recover any regular passenger car. Compared to other towing firms, our quotations for car services in Delaware County are more reasonable than the competition. 

We are trained junk car buyer experts who have appropriate certifications. You may contact us 24/7 to avail of our services.

4) Salvage Car Removal

Vehicles with salvage titles often have little worth; thus, it is recommended that these titles be removed as quickly as feasible. We, at Apex Towing & Transport, provide junk car removal services in Delaware County and nearby locations immediately around it. 

Most auto dealerships will not purchase a vehicle with a salvage title. However, we can remove your salvage car for your convenience.

5) Pickup & Disposal Of Junk Automobiles 

If you live in Lower Chichester, PA, and have a wrecked car on your property, that is nothing but an eyesore taking up precious space. You should get in touch with Apex Towing & Transport as soon as possible to get junk car services for cash. 

Even the vehicles that have been completely dismantled or have had their engines removed, we will take them all.

Hire Our Junk My Car Professional Services In Lower Chichester, PA

Apex Towing & Transport in Lower Chichester, PA is a local junkyard option when selling your scrap my car services. Getting the best price for your junk car may be difficult since auto salvage yards are famously tough negotiators.

Private junkyards are an alternative to a salvage yard for scrap my car services. You may discover individuals that purchase junk vehicles near you and take your car off your hands for repair or other purposes in Delaware County. 

Negotiations and visits may be necessary, enabling people to “kick the tires” of your vehicle. In addition, you’ll have to decide who will tow the car at some point, and you may be the one to bear the expense of doing so.

However, there’s a better way: reach Apex Towing & Transport by calling us on 484-479-4645. We buy junk cars for top dollar prices.

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